Snehangan 1 and 2 bhk 168 homes at Shirval, has all the modern lifestyle amenities and comforts to bring you a new joy of living that you have always longed for. It is attractively styled and has a pleasing elevation. The interiors well planned to make the best use of available spaces. Snehangan has been built with good quality, branded materials for durability and performance.

Snehangan is located in the lap of nature, near the picturesque Neera river in Shirval. Its pollution free surroundings are good for health and the uncongested locality provides the much needed peace, in today’s stressful world.

In addition to the lower cost of living in Shirval, is the benefit of close proximity to the industrial areas and offices. This reduces the time and stress of commuting to your workplace and helps you spend precious time with family and friends.

To make life easy, it is located close to day to day living requirements, such as hospitals, shops, schools, and other essential services. Snehangan can be easily reached via NH4 Pune Bangalore Highway and is just 30 minutes by road from Pune.